Living Well

For months, I have been talking about, thinking about, praying about how I might widen the conversations I so love to have with individuals. If there is anything about which I am passionate, it is about how to live a life closest to Source . . . Truth . . . Wholeness. While my own journey has been grounded and inspired by my spiritual life, I know that others find their deepest source . . . most solid ground . . . most authentic life . . . in other ways. I want to know more about that. ‘Living Well’ feels like a broad and wide vessel in which to have these conversations.

Living Well – what are the activities, practices, actions that bring you closer to that source? That bring you a greater sense of ‘being alive’? What are the things you long to do that you imagine will bring you closer to that ‘aliveness’? Simply – what brings you closest to the experience and energy of living well, whatever that means for you?

Living Well – where do you go to discover and draw on the resources you need to ‘live well’? To come alive? People? Books? Places? What feeds and nourishes you so that you can go out in the world to be your best self?

Action . . . Source . . . Action . . . Source . . .

A give and take; a constant back and forth between ‘living’/action and ‘well’/source.

Each week, I hope to point to a ‘well’/source that has influenced and nourished my spiritual life, and reflect on how that source has helped me to ‘come alive’ in a way that helps me live closer to Source . . . Truth . . . Wholeness. I’ll declare, now, that my word for Source is God. Not a male, godfather-in-the-sky-type God. No. More like G-d – that ineffable, infinite, intimate sense of all-ness; yes-ness; alive-ness; LOVE. To help express this inexpressible Presence, I offer my well for today:

Mystics, trying to tell us of their condition, often say that they feel ”sunk in God like a fish in the sea.”  We pass over these phrases very easily and forget that they are the final result of a long struggle to find the best image for an admittedly imageless truth.  Yet prayer is above all the act in which we give ourselves to our souls true Patria .  We enter again that Ocean of God which is at once our origin and our inheritance, and there find ourselves mysteriously at home …   A curious blend of confidence and entire abandonment keep us, because of our very littleness, in peace and joy; content with our limited power and the limitless Love in which we are held.—Evelyn Underhill


I am not a water person; I don’t like to be underwater, or swim in the ocean. But this image of God being at once our origin and our inheritance – this sense of being immersed in God, living in God, breathing in God – when I remember it – frees me to trust that there is no place I can go, nothing I can do that throws me out of the water. Origin and inheritance. Beginning and end. All is in God. Freedom.


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