Spiritual Guide, Leadership Consultant, Retreat Leader

Spiritual Guide, Leadership Consultant, Retreat Leader

If there is anything about which I am passionate, it is about how to live a life closest to Source . . . Truth . . . Wholeness. I’ll declare, now, that my word for Source is God. Not a male, godfather-in-the-sky-type God. No. More like G-d – that ineffable, infinite, intimate sense of all-ness; yes-ness; alive-ness; LOVE.

I am an ordained clergy in the United Church of Christ; and find that I am drawn to ministry in the wider world . . . always wondering what practices, relationships, communities, ideas, free us to be our best selves, grounded in the deepest truth. This ongoing wondering ignites my work as spiritual director, retreat leader, and organizational and leadership consultant.

I am most grateful to G-d, intimate and infinite; and to my family – Roger, Erin, Dusty, Evelyn, Julia, Will, Liz, Meg, Annie, Bowen, and Knolls – for showing me laughter, forgiveness, joy, honesty, loyalty and love.


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