Living Well

I Do

imagesOur daughter was married ten days ago. It was a precious and celebratory gathering of friends and family who witnessed, with us, vows of love and commitment made between our daughter and her beloved. As is so often the case, their wedding was preceded by months of planning and preparation, managing details, making decisions, and envisioning what they wanted their day to be. As I reflected on their wedding day this last week, I found myself tearing up regularly, filled to overflowing with a sense of gratitude and deep gladness at all that we experienced.

It seems to me that all of the details and thought and visioning that went into the planning of their wedding made possible the creation of a sacred space; a vessel that safely, lovingly held a Divine welling-up of all that is good. It was a space in which I found myself enveloped in a longing and freedom to commit to my own ‘I do’s’ – with myself, and with those I love.

I do . . . promise to show up

I do . . . want this experience to last

I do . . . see you are standing by me

I do . . . see the Divine spark in you

I do . . . celebrate the joy I see in you

I do . . . want to love with all my heart

I do . . . recognize that we are still growing

I do . . . want to have more of what I’m experiencing here

I do . . . look around and say thank you for each person here

I do . . . see the profoundly moving results of love and forgiveness

I do . . . thank God for our daughter, for her wife, and for all the people who loved them into being

I Do.


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