Living Well

Leading with Soul

How is your soul these days?

Do you feel grounded in your best self at work? At home? In your treasured relationships?

Are you seeking structure, support, and community in the development of practices and habits that will allow your spirit to soar while you are working? Leading? Relating?

Join me and my colleague and friend, Dr. Margaret Benefiel, for one or both of our 10-week programs called Soul of Leadership ‘Mini’.

The Fall program, “Leading from Within”, will help leaders develop practices to cultivate the inner life and grow in their ability to lead from a core of spiritual groundedness and compassion.

The Spring program, “Transforming the Organization’s Soul”, is grounded in the understanding that organizations, like leaders, have souls that require tending. Using insights from the field of spirituality and from management and organizational studies, this program will guide participants in assessing and developing organizational wellness, leading to growth and success defined in broad and sustainable ways.

We are encouraging leaders not only to bring themselves, but also to bring others from their organization to help develop a shared community of understanding, practice, and vision.

For more information, and to register for Soul of Leadership ‘Mini’ programs, follow this link:

See you in September!


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